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A Sample of English Homework (Y11)

The English Team give homework out weekly related to their theme for writing. This term they have based their writing around Myths and Legends.

Riley consistently completes homework independently at home. His comment about it was:

I like doing most English homework especially when it's something I can write about what I like doing like origami, jokes, pylons or adding in some of my drawings.


Pebble Brooks Got Talent

Congratulations to Tom this years winner of Pebble Brooks Got Talent for an awesome rendition of "Born To Be Wild"

"It felt awesome to be in Pebble Brook's Got Talent. I felt excited in winning! "


Eloise Year 10 - I loved to sing in Pebble Brook's Got Talent. I could not believe how well I sang Thunderbirds are Go by Busted. I loved it when Mrs. Ayles started singing and clapping. I had a Fab time!


Aamir and Areena Year 7 - We liked telling jokes! We felt really brave standing up in front of the school!


Cameron Year 7 - I loved hosting the show! It felt good to watch and encourage others. I was nervous for my solo performance but I got over it!



Midcounties Co-op group plastics and the environment


The week beginning 14th January members of the Midcounties Co-op group came in to school to deliver sessions about plastics and the environment. Students were made aware of recycling and had an opportunity to turn empty plastic bottles in to things they could use again. Both visitors and students enjoyed the afternoon.



Welcome new year 7

Welcome to Pebble Brook School

 Shoelace Tying Club.


A teacher entered the dining room and had a quick chat with as many pupils as possible. All of the chats were brief as she passed through to pick up a sandwich.  All the chats made every pupil feel good. All the chats were relevant to the pupil.  No one batted an eyelid.  That is normal at Pebble Brook. 


This is the type of thing that makes us who we are.


On the way out the teacher pinched a chip off a Year 10 pupil and said she’d see her at ‘Shoelace tying club’.  Shoelace tying club has been specially put on during a lunch break because it is something some of our pupils can not do. 


This is another type of thing that makes us who we are.


Our pupils come here, they’re young, they’ve often found school to be a real challenge and here they are with yet more school to survive.

We change all that. Our pupils aren’t judged by their ability or progress. They are respected and celebrated as young people and given all possible opportunities in lessons, free time and special activities to get to where they could be.


Our philosophy is deliberately simple.  Everyone at our school is given a chance to succeed.  We know all our pupils very well and we make sure they are happy and safe, they are taught well and that they are given everything they need to take their steps into the adult world.


Our classes are small so that we can individualise and personalise activities.  Progress is expected in every lesson and we offer additional support from speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and behaviour specialists.


We give plenty of attention to achieving quality qualifications in Science, PE, ICT, Creative Craft and Food Technology.


Further to this, we offer vocational subjects in Small Animal Care, Painting and Decorating, Construction, Horticulture, Creative Craft and Sports Leadership.


We also link with AYMP in offering Motor Mechanics and Aylesbury college in offering Catering and Fashion to provide a wide range of work experiences.


However, at our core is literacy, numeracy and the personal and social development of the child.  When you finally leave our school we want you to be completely ready for the next steps in your life.


These steps are good for employment, an appropriate college course or a good apprenticeship. After following this philosophy for a few years, we can now say that this is exactly what we do.


Personal and social development for our pupils is enabled, encouraged and taught from the moment the school opens until closure at the end of the day.  We cover social development, emotional development, religious education, independence, healthy lifestyles, citizenship and receptive and expressive language.


We also thread through the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of each young person.


There is one more area of ‘PSD’ and I am happy to single it out.  This is the development of careers and employability.  We are very proud of how many pupils leave us with good jobs (way, way above the national average) and this is partly due to the fact that careers and employability is a compulsory subject from Year 7 to Year 14.


What is the most important thing to have when you leave our school?  We don't know exactly what it is yet, but we will do all we can to make sure it is the right thing for you and that it is what you want.


We love the way our pupils develop a positive attitude and a positive approach to being a part of the community they are about to enter.


Pebble Brook also has after school clubs on four nights a week.  The boarding facility is winding down and will be closed in July this year.  Very sad for our school but we move on.


Our families and friends are part of our school.  We hope you feel well supported and have all the information and opportunities you need to join in your child's success.  


Everyone knows everyone else in our school.  It is a special feature and one we join together with openness and warmth to create somewhere that brings out the best in everyone.


Best wishes

David Miller



What a testimonial for our pupils


I would like to tell you how wonderful the three students from Pebble Brook who come to the walled garden are. They have all worked so hard, they are all passing the units that I have set for them and they are great fun. 

Their presence in the garden is my favorite part of the week. 

On 23rd May they will complete the LRMG basic gardening course. They will be the first to do this. They will be awarded Certificates and an LRMG polo shirt each. They deserve praise. They have been absolute stars.


Anne Parmoor


Bedgrove Infant School


Thank you for supporting us with work experience and internships. Good luck to Josh, Jessica and Tyler beginning transitioning from work experience to Supported Internships in September. Click the logo below to visit the website.



The Lion Waddesdon

A local pub at the heart of the village supporting us with work experience and other activities for which we are grateful, thank you. Click the logo below to visit the website.


Elmhurst Garage Aylesbury

We are very grateful for our partnership with Elmhurst garage. They support our pupils with work experience and apprenticeships, thank you so much for making a difference to our community.

They happen to be great mechanics and great value for money. For more information click on the logo below.




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SMSC Silver Award


NCS Graduation Ceremony

These FED students attended the NCS Graduation Ceremony held at Aylesbury College on Wednesday 12th December following a bespoke two week National Citizen Service programme. They spent three days on a residential trip to Caldecotte, Milton Keynes and time on skills courses in drumming and First Aid before working with the Vineyard Church Storehouse which provides furniture, household goods, children's clothing, child and baby equipment and emergency food parcels, free of charge, to those in crisis and financial hardship. They cleaned and sorted items and then ran stalls to raise money for the charity.



The feedback has been very positive - students have learned much about themselves and helped and supported each other whilst also contributing to the wider community.



We have been working with the National Citizen Service for six years now but this is the first time it has been delivered as part of the FED curriculum. We aim to make it an annual event for the Year 12s entering the FED.



school choir earned a trip to see Matilda at Milton Keynes




Lee Year 10 - The choir trip to see Matilda was amazing, fantastic and the best thing about it was that it was on my birthday! I liked Matilda because she was very interested in reading and I am too!


Zeenat Year 10 - The choir trip was amazing and fun! There was singing and dancing, then laughter and happy ending. It was so cool and really funny! I liked Matilda the best because she was clever and stood up to the bully.


Cameron Year 11 - I liked the trip to see Matilda because it was amazing. The atmosphere was great and it was calm but exciting!


Liza - Year 11 - I loved the trip to see Matilda and the acting was great. I liked the atmosphere of the theatre.


Harry Year 8 - The show was really good. The start was great and it was exciting to be in a big theatre with the lights and music.


Danyal Year 8 - Matilda was great! I liked it when the actors were singing!


Jack Year 7 - I really liked it! The best actor was Ms. Trunchbull because they were very funny and entertaining.